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  • Description Want to buy or sell? Head to Trade Me, NZ’s biggest & most popular auction & classifieds site, with thousands of new & used items in a wide range of categories.
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Users' Reviews

  • Rating 0/5
    WhoAmI's Review on Posted on 10/07/2013
    Still the market leader, but rapidly driving away all their smaller users.
    If you are a company selling bulk-bought imported knock-offs, TradeMe used to be bad news for you. Now it's your most powerful ally. I used to love going on there to buy some really interesting and amazing stuff from genuine people, and now it's all turning into something that looks like eBay slumming it.
    The fees are astoundingly unreal, with even buyers having to deposit funds into their account before they can place a bid. As a buyer, you aren't hit with any fees, so unless this is the first step in making it "buyer pays the fees" as they do with the big auction houses, then this move is just simply a way to try and rake in more profit for a company that's falling down hill fast.
    I closed my account there recently, and refuse to go back. Even though the only competitors are basically nobodies, I am happier using their services and maybe not finding something I want, or getting as much for anything I'm selling, but I feel good about supporting something that is still a local business, because when TradeMe got bought out by the big multinational, it stopped being "my kind of place."
  • Rating 2/5
    dreamer92's Review on Posted on 11/06/2012
    Avoid messageboard, haven for bullies
    About the actual site Trademe (haven't used in about a whole year now), the fees are just ridiculous for items that have been won. Topping up your account is a minimum $10 each time (if you are in debt by about -$5 you will just get $5 in your account, that's how it works) which is really a pain if you ask me. Paying for more than one photo is a pain too. Just hate the stupid fees! That's the biggest down side of the site.

    I've had some bad experiences, you may not get someone completely honest, just like Ebay. I had someone play me around and I had to chase her and another person who made up an excuse that they went overseas for a sudden funeral who blackmailed me for good feedback. I left bad and she left revenge feedback on me. I also had someone who sold me their 'dud' first and then put up a perfectly fine one. I know this is a sneaky business technique for some people, but it's wrong. I refused to pay for the item.

    Then there's the messageboard. Oh the good old message board..NOT. I regret the day I first started posting there, that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. It's truly a haven for people to act like idiots and little kids and gang up on the more vulnerable people. The 'kids' there get fun out of talking about poo and just being really idiotic. I got targeted and teased a fair amount and my mum got a huge amount of nastiness posted to her and then it got passed onto me. This hurt my mum for a long time and it put me Trademe from that day on. I wish they would remove that messageboard, it serves no purpose for anything other than to troll.

  • Rating 1/5
    khitteh's Review on Posted on 05/16/2012
    Dishonest behaviour
    Trademe protects high volume sellers even when they're doing dodgy things - no protection for buyers at all.
  • Rating 1/5
    PeterSandgate's Review on Posted on 12/15/2011
    NZ only
    Until recently it was possible to bid on Trade Me items from Australia, but now postal addresses default to NZ and it only quotes NZ postage. Plus it doesn't have PayPal. Stick to Ebay, there are a lot less problems.
  • Rating 0/5
    javaman's Review on Posted on 08/18/2010
    Requres you to pay them before you can place bids
    Trademe has started requiring you to become "Authenticated" before you can place bids. To become "Authenticated" you have to deposit $10 to Trademe. If you're selling stuff this is not a big deal, but it's a real rip-off if you just want to buy things. Try other sites like Sella instead, where you only pay for what you're buying.
  • Rating 2/5
    shellzbellz's Review on Posted on 08/08/2010
    It's all about the money
    I have just a bad experience with trademe. A purchase I made went bad, never received the item or proof of postage, told trademe about it and they told me to go to disputes tribunal.
    They also said to put bad feedback against seller, which I did, about 1 week or so later the arogant seller finally decided to contact me and said if I removed the bad feedback and give him my bank account details he would put $$$ in my account. I didn't trust this guy so I called trademe first, I was told yes I can remove feedback and if he doesn't go through with the refund to call them back and they would put the negative feedback back up against him. Of course he didn't come through with the refund (should have known) so I called trademe today and they advise me that they cant put up feedback once it has been deleted, so as you can imagine I am not happy with trademe at all, perhaps they should train their customer service people better considering it costs you $1.99 per min to call them. Not Good trademe, you should get your act together.
  • Rating 5/5
    royh11's Review on Posted on 07/13/2010
    Happy Trader.
    I think you people must be on a different site to me. I made my first trade on trademe on 10 July 2003 and now have 818 positive f/backs. Todays Fairfax owned site is a different beast than the original. However, I am still very happy with the administration of the site. I abide by the rules and suffer little strife. Maybe you people should also thoroughly read the site rules and then you will suffer a lot less stress. Whatever, trademe is the only local site with the necessary volume to make it worth using. YES! I have looked at (and tried) the others.
  • Rating 5/5
    tessnz's Review on Posted on 02/05/2010
    No Problems Here
    Trade Me is great I haven't had any problems with unreliable buyers or sellers (touch wood).
  • Rating 0/5
    developer's Review on Posted on 11/16/2009
    I don't like trade me
    I've quit using Trade Me since Jan 09 - Someone hacked into my account and Trade Me disabled my account. No point to get in contact with them because they never reply.
  • Rating 1/5
    dave.smith's Review on Posted on 02/21/2009
    Mark H
    more complaints against Trademe on this site (note this ISN'T spam)
  • Rating 1/5
    dave.smith's Review on Posted on 02/21/2009
    a poor site
    run by people who are arrogant and bullys.The admin protect people who harrass other users on the message board.One of the main ones is a user vix.tribe.Complaints have been reported to the local police.Here are some complaints about site trademe
    Yes I have had problems with Trade Me as well. I reported a seller who refused a valid request for a refund and Trade Me's only response was to go to the disputes tribunal.

    Two weeks later I received an email requesting I prove I owned a laptop I was selling by sending a picture of the goods being sold with a current copy of the newspaper!!!!! Talk about guilty until proven innocent. If only they had handled my complaint was this kind of alacrity they wouldnt need to resort to these kinds of measures.

    I only found out about this a couple of days later by which time they had closed my sale and emailed me to that effect. No suggestion of a refund for the costs I had incurred for advertising either (I had chosen a couple of extra options).

    I readvertised only this week and same thing happened. This time I lost my temper and told them to stop harassing me to which I got a snotty reply from one of their so called customer service people. I sent a picture of the goods plus with newspaper only to be told it wasn't clear enough and I should send again!!!!

    I have closed the account and plan to complain to the Commerce Commission. No doubt it will do me no good but you have to try. I really think the law needs to change as these guys are, in my opinion making their own rules and punishing the wrong people.
    Trade me are idiots whom the power has gone to their heads and the userbase is sadly not much better as the sour experience with trying to sell the N95 just proved. I think most genuine users have been put off by their horrible fees and draconian tactics.

    My own account has been disabled numerous times, for legitimate auctions they did not think were "valid" before and other stupid stuff. I posted a driver URL that might be useful to a seller in a comments box and suddenly "I was posting contact details and instantly disabled" They also disable it instantly and then expect you to email them and wait a week to get it re-enabled and each time they warn you "next time it will be permanent"

    I'm almost tempted to put trademe in the too hard basket & cut my losses and just keep n95 as "another gadget"

    Note: Tradme keep logs of all the IP addresses and other users whom connect using that IP within 24 hours. If you then happen to bid on one of their auctions in future, instant ban as had happened at an internet cafe before...
  • Rating 5/5
    Katarina's Review on Posted on 08/22/2008
    Shopping website
    This is a place where you can sell or buy products, with lots of online auctions and many categories, so it's very easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

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