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  • Description Stripping the cost of travel - NZ's lowest long distance bus fares
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Users' Reviews

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    nakedtruthnakedbus's Review on Posted on 08/04/2012
    Discount Service: when you don't even get what you paid for!
    I have had two negative experiences with Naked Bus.

    First, on a Picton-Blenheim route, the driver was a jerk. I asked the driver if this was the bus to Blenheim and he said yes and demanded my ticket. I told him it was with my bags and turned to get them, but he started ranting about how you can't get on a plane or a train or a ship or a bus without a ticket, but he was "going to be nice" and let me because I was on the roster. I then got my ticket and asked him to check my reference number. I read each letter, very slowly, just to irritate him. His rudeness was completely uncalled for.

    My second bad experience was a no-show. I arrived at the bus stop in Queenstown at 8:50AM to catch the 9:00 Christchurch bus. I waited until 10:30 for that bus. It never came. When I contacted Naked Bus and politely requested a refund, I was completely ignored. After several messages went unanswered for over a week, I got an answer, which was to "piss off". The time on record of the bus' departure was not discussed; it would have vindicated me. Instead, a rude member of customer service told me, in his personal opinion, he was "sure" the bus did not leave early. I contested the personal opinion of customer service is irrelevant, the time record will show that the bus left early. I am a seasoned veteran of international travel and I have never missed a bus, plane, train, or ship. If I "missed" this bus, it would be an exception to the rule. On the contrary, I have heard many cases where NB drivers have, through negligence, abandoned customers, failed to keep head counts, and left bus stops early, all of which are inexcusable business practices.

    And I found this:
    "Bus does a Runner"

    Nakedbus drivers are RUDE and their customer service is HORRIBLE,.

    Whenever Naked Bus fails, it attempts to maximize profit at the customers' expense. "Screw the customer".

    Well, **** you too.

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