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Users' Reviews

  • Rating 1/5
    ian---'s Review on Posted on 06/27/2015
    Fishpond is a spammer
    I bought one DVD from Fishpond. It arrived after a week but they have sent me numerous spam emails as well. They say I registered at a site I didn't use; I don't know if they're lying or just careless. They say I can set my "Email Preference Centre" to set the frequency of emails, but I have never subscribed to their spam and never said I want to receive their spam ever. None of the tick boxes on that page are selected, but they continue to spam me. They are now spamming me daily.

    Spamcop sends its reports to Amazon. I didn't know Fishpond is an Amazon subsidiary.
  • Rating 0/5
    NotAComplainer's Review on Posted on 09/11/2013
    Damaged goods
    I was excited to receive the parcel with my Bamboo compost pail, which was advertised as Condition Good, Description box slightly damaged. I was disappointed to find that not only was the internal bucket broken so that the handle doesn't stay on, but the bamboo outer was also broken in two places.

    On the Fishpond site it says to contact the seller directly, but I can only see Fishpond's Smartsell details, and when I try the Smartsell option, I am informed that I don't have an account.

    I sent an email to ask for Fishpond to process a refund, or put the amount to a full-price intact version, but have received no reply.
  • Rating 1/5
    Amy783's Review on Posted on 05/13/2013
    I ordered a music box for my niece's birthday. I recieved an email telling me how long it would take. I ordered early (3 weeks earlier thinking that should be enough time for it to arrive). It never arrived, they kept me hanging for weeks and weeks, until finally they told me they had lost it. I asked for a refund and they told me they couldn't refund to my new credit card and to follow the link to update my bank account details so they could deposit the money into my account which I did. I checked back with them and found they had given me store credit instead, I emailed them about this and have recieved no response. They make it very difficult for you to get hold of them. At this point I want nothing more to do with them, I just want my money back and I get the feeling I will never see that money again. Really need to warn people against using Fishpond, they are basically criminals.
  • Rating 0/5
    dreamer92's Review on Posted on 11/06/2012
    Very very slow shipping and rip-offs
    I used to love this site and was wondering what people were going on about when they complained on Trademe last year.. Then one day I was looking up a book a realized they had ripped me an extra $40 on a book that was only worth about $40 and I paid $80 and I was quite annoyed and angry. I got over that and decided to use them again as they have awesome prices on books.

    Well, don't expect to get your books within two weeks. They can take about two weeks to source and it can take longer to get them in. I put up with the slow shipping for a couple orders, but after my last two orders came just after two months, it put me off completely. Also, one of my books came bent out of shape. Their packaging is crazy too, they come in a rolled up postal bag (no wonder it was bent out of shape!)

    Do not recommend fishpond (not sure what the aus version is like). Even though Fishpond is cheaper for books, just don't go there :(
  • Rating 1/5
    Jaison's Review on Posted on 09/24/2012
    Absolute Worst!!!!

    I recently bought the Innotab 2 from Fishpond (They sell this for around $150). I spent HOURS trying to figure out why the software accompanying the product wasn’t working. After 2 days of trying to sort the problem out I found a number to contact our local VTech customer service. I was told that the model I purchased was a US model, that would not connect to the software needed to use the tablet from outside of the US. This is due to licensing restrictions, where content has been made available by licensors in the US to download and is under a separate AU & NZ agreement with their counterpart offices over here. Quite similar to how iTunes have separate content websites for each country.

    I sent several e-mails informing Fishpond that they were selling a product that wasn’t compatible in NZ/Australia, only to be continuously sent a link to their refund page. What!?

    Nothing addressing the issues I outlined in my e-mail.

    Their customer service is a joke! No direct phone line (gee I wonder why!? Their excuse is to keep the costs down, yeah right!).

    Their responses are basically next to nothing. Just very short and abrupt.

    Vtech e-mailed me back stating that they asked Fishpond to take the product off their website only to be told that they were at liberty to sell products from whereever they wanted!

    So basically they’re saying we don’t care about our customers!

    Selling a product to us that we can’t use… and not a cheap one either!

    Idiots! Why would you want to sell a product that is only going to be returned for a refund!?

    $150 is not cheap to be spending on a toy! And judging from what I have read online there are A LOT of frustrated customers out there wondering why their Innotabs aren’t functioning as they should!

    It’s disappointing as VTech is taking the blame for this as customers presume that it is something to do with the software or a faulty product!

    The absolute worst part about this is that my son who waited anxiously for the product to arrive (took 3 weeks!) was so disappointed when it arrived and couldn’t use it as it was intended!

    Shame on Fishpond!

    Never again!
  • Rating 1/5
    brid72's Review on Posted on 08/09/2012
    Poor customer experience
    Ordered item end of June 2012
    1 week later recieved email advising item was shipped ETA Mid July - website advised mid August!
    Enquired about it - no phone number - email only. ETA for reply 2 working days (often it was 3+ before reply)
    Reply states to wait up to 10 working days after last potential delivery date and then my order on the fishpond website should be populated with details to reorder or claim refund - it did not!
    Begininng of Aug, I email again - usual 2+ days wait for reply. This time I asked to reorder as I really wanted the item (prepared to do the long haul). They reply with confirmation that item has gone missing and will reorder.
    The item arrives 1 day later - my guess, it got lost in the warehouse.
    Total time from order 5-6 weeks.
    I seriously recommend you avoid this company unless you have no alternative. The lack of telephone number is a big warning sign regardless of what they put on their website. The mark of a good company is how they handle adversity - anyone can advertise nowadays. I for one will avoid in future it is just not worth it.
    1 out of 5 because I got the item in the end.
  • Rating 0/5
    gumboot's Review on Posted on 08/05/2012
    Avoid Avoid Avoid
    Any issues they now say you have to deal with the original seller which is fishpond com I had one package arrive with the packaging fine but inside smashed, looks like it was broken before being sent. The other I received part 2 of 2. I have been told if I want the first part to return the 2nd part for a refund wait for two weeks then try and buy it again. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to return it as they claim fishpond com are the original seller not fishpond co nz

    Customer service will take around 4 days to respond to an email and often it requires you to reply back. I believe that are getting people to give up.
  • Rating 1/5
    Toni from nz's Review on Posted on 08/05/2012
    Non delivery of books
    Another three books ordered from Fishpond have failed to arrive. The last time that I ordered anything from Fishpond I declared it to be the last time that I ordered anything from Fishpond because none of them arrived either and I had to make a claim and get them re sent. I order books because I want to read them, and at the time that I order them, I have time to read them.

    I believe that Fishpond regularly don't bother to send the books at all in the hope that a number of customers will forget and they get to keep the money and the books (If they ever existed). I will NEVER order another book from Fishpond. I regularly receive parcels from Wiggle and Chain Reaction in the UK and I am always stunned at the speed of their delivery so there is nothing wrong with my address or my post person. Six missing books in a row is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rating 1/5
    anneb31's Review on Posted on 07/28/2012
    Contact Fishpond
    Here's an email address I have for Fishpond contact: service at fishpond dot co dot nz

  • Rating 1/5
    Geoff March's Review on Posted on 06/21/2012
    Book I ordered arrived more or less on time, no problem there. However, the packer/despatcher in NZ had typed the incorrect value on the parcel. Instead of 195 SA Rands, they typed 423 NZ dollars? which is equivalent to plus/minus 2,800 SA Rands and consequently, the SA customs department have hit me with local 14% VAT of more than 395 SA Rands based on the info on the package when it should have been around 28 SA Rands. I e-mailed Fishpond to explain the problem and received an obviously computer generated reply referring me only to their conditions regarding local customs policy and received no answers to the questions I posed in my e-mail. I have no option but to return the package as I am not prepared to pay more than 390 SA Rands in postal charges which is 200% more than the book's value.
    This is my second and identical bad experience with Fishpond as the same problem occurred with my first order but fortunately for me, the value on the package was only listed as 175 NZ dollars which was more than 6 times the value of the book ordered. I decided to pay the inflated postal and VAT charges in that instance thinking it couldn't happen twice but how wrong could I be!!!!
    I wish I had seen this website before purchasing from Fishpond but would advise anyone to have absolutely nothing to do with the Fishpond organisation and rather buy from a reliable and ethical company such as Amazon or etc.
  • Rating 1/5
    chrhodes's Review on Posted on 06/09/2012
    Cancelled order without informing of delay
    Ordered a 3315 LEgo Olivia's house on the 19 May with a delivery date of between 28th May - 6th Jun for delivery

    Nothing received so contacted fishpond on the 8th June asking when it would be received and the point out that I couldn't track the order via their website.

    The reply i got is below

    We do apologise your order of LEGO Friends 3315 Olivia's House is currently out of stock and we are unable to provide a confirmed
    delivery date.

    For this reason this title has been cancelled from your order and your account page has also been updated

    Nice isn't it. So no communication at all to let me know that there was an issue and nothing to rectify

  • Rating 1/5
    Team JJ's Review on Posted on 05/21/2012
    Gives internet shops a bad name.
    I wish I had Googled and seen this page before placing my order. I'd heard the 'Fishpond' name floating around before and thought it was a legitimate site. Being a frequent internet shopper, I've had lots of good experiences to date and was a bit too trusting.

    Item did not get despatched within 24 hours "in stock from a local supplier". It took over a week and half before despatch which leads me to believe it was not in stock locally. I've had parcels arrive within two days via normal airmail from the UK shopping sites.

    Item arrived damaged. Not damaged in transit as the box had been scotched taped repaired in one area. Box was torn in about 4-5 places and badly dented in one corner. Totally unpresentable as a gift. Looks like it's from a second hand store.

    Have requested refund as I do not trust them to send a new replacement. Can only hope refund gets processed within the 10 day timeframe stated on the website.

    BUYER BEWARE. I would recommend everyone to steer clear of this website.
  • Rating 1/5
    Fishpond suck's Review on Posted on 05/21/2012
    This site dresses itself to be an amazon clone, the difference is that amazon are a legit enterprize. Fishpond have to address the fact that they cannot live up to their advertising, if they want to continue they must let consumers know that A: You will have to wait for them to find and order your goods from another source, B: You will probably have to wait 2 months for them to tell you several order/dispatch dates C: You should expect delays of up to 6 months. D: You will most likeley not receive your order and will be asked to wait an extra 10 days to complain E: after complaining you will have to claim the money back you gave them months ago AND be prepared to wait two more months for this refund. THESE GUYS ARE AN APPSOLUTE JOKE, DO NOT GO NEAR FISHPOND.
  • Rating 0/5
    ash1111's Review on Posted on 05/03/2012
    No physical address ? No contact number ? Save yourself from the trouble now, just AVOID ! Rating: -1/5
    Okay, I bought a book on the 10th of April 2012 that was "in stock". It said it takes 2-3 days for shipping.

    I was quite happy to buy the book here because I usually buy on Amazon-dot-co-dot-UK for which I further pay a delivery charge obviously to NZ. After 4 days, I received an email stating, "your order's been shipped!".

    4 weeks later, I'm still waiting for my order. I try to look up their number to call their customer care today, nope. No such thing as a contact number with Fishpond. You gotta fill an online enquiry and wait for them to respond. Okay, is there a physical address that you could go and talk or ask about ? Wrong again. They do not have a physical address or a contact number. This is the truth. I can't imagine how this website has survived all these years.

    Have made online enquiry about my order now. Just have to wait I guess. I could have bought it for a few dollars more at Whitcoulls or Amazon. I have lived in UK, US, Finland, India and many more countries. Online shopping experience in New Zealand is by far the worst I've come across.

    Would give a -1/5 misleading shipping details and 0/5 for their customer service. Absolute rubbish, save yourself the trouble, just avoid.
  • Rating 1/5
    staek02's Review on Posted on 04/29/2012
    will never shop there again
    one order was lost and i had to be refunded as they then ran out of stock... another order i waited nearly two months, just frustrating when all you have is an automated message when you ask where your order is, this place and nz sale are the worst and i wont ever shop at either again
  • Rating 1/5
    blitzem's Review on Posted on 04/21/2012
    avoid this website
    The people who run this are dipsticks at best, fraudsters at worse. Big red flags - their site has no phone number, no street address not even a PO Box! You can search the NZ companies office website for details of the person behind this site - avoid anything associated with him.
  • Rating 1/5
    kishidabu's Review on Posted on 03/20/2012
    Turn them in to Fair Go!
    I ordered two books on the 19th of February, since then the shipping dates have changed several times, and it is now one month on and still no books. I think these guys should be turned into Fair Go. The fact that they do not have a phone number you can call should be a real red flag.
  • Rating 1/5
    stretch's Review on Posted on 03/12/2012
    Very poor online experience
    I ordered a book from Fishpond, waited a week for them to even ship it to me, 12 days later and still no book. I know a lot stuff from Fishpond is ordered in from overseas, but I have ordered a lot of books from Amazon that arrive to my door in under a week. These people offer free postage but the catch is you have to be prepared to wait weeks for your book. I'll certainly never use them again and will advise others to do the same.
  • Rating 0/5
    xbox360's Review on Posted on 02/26/2012
    100% NZ 0% reliable
    This has got to be the worst online shopping site i have ever have to deal. Two items ordered first never arrived second still waiting 3 weeks and now i am told told it was never sent. Items they order from abroad do not contain a tracking number so beware, can only assume they are being sent from Uzbekistan (no offence intended Uzbekistan ). Please don't be fooled by the prices DO NOT BUT CONSOLES OR GAMES FROM THEM just go down to JBHIFI you will get a better deal and you can play it the same night. Deliberating whether to let FairGo have a Go.
  • Rating 1/5
    nixcroft's Review on Posted on 02/09/2012
    This has been the worst online purchasing experience ever! Avoid this site at all costs. As with all the other posts, the delivery dates keep changing, the support staff keeps giving you the runaround and then when they eventually send you the link to initiate a refund it informs you that you cannot claim a refund on an unshipped item?!
  • Rating 1/5
    vegas_smurfette's Review on Posted on 02/09/2012
    We ordered an item that was meant to be "shipped within 24 hours". After weeks of waiting (and chasing their customer service team) we received something we didn't order. We contacted customer services again and received no response. Avoid!!
  • Rating 1/5
    MissXXXX's Review on Posted on 02/01/2012
    Probably not
    I probably won't use Fishpond again as compared to Amazon they are not very efficient. I have not waited as long as some people who have put reviews here, but it is still very poor when I can order a book from Amazon and receive it easily within a week, sometimes it has only been a couple of days. It has now been a week and a half for one of the books. The target date seems to change as you go on, the status is not updated reflective of what is happening, and though customer services seem fine enough, they seem to miss the point of what you are asking. So sorry fishpond, I wanted to support a NZ company, but why should I when a better service can be found elsewhere
  • Rating 1/5
    fishpond BLOWS's Review on Posted on 01/11/2012
    dont bother.

    poor service.

    stock is not held, it is ordered from overseas suppliers, so there is no realtime stock level.

    'update' emails show incorrect dates and enquiries are fobbed off by customer 'service' staff and managers alike.

    I will NEVER shop here again and will be telling everyone I can to never even consider this useless pack of morons.

    At January 12, I'm still waiting for an xmas gift, ordered on December 7 with "in stock, ships in 24 hours" status. It took until December 20 to be informed that stock was delayed until January 17, by which time it was too late to order from elsewhere.

    I was then informed on Boxing day that the item would ship on January 3.

    Still waiting, order cancelled.
  • Rating 1/5
    Nadezhda36's Review on Posted on 12/18/2011
    So get this, 3 1/2 months....waiting for one order. I ordered a perfume from them, and since its really hard to find I decided I would just wait it out and hopefully going by their 'estimates' I should get it. well one month went by, then another, complained and asked where it was, and all i got back was an arrogant reply implying that I was the one who didn't order correctly. 3 months?!?! DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE! there are people that say they are great, but many who have had experiences like mine. is it really worth the risk? I dont think so. REALLY bad service!
  • Rating 4/5
    Lindsay 's Review on Posted on 08/16/2011
    I am interested to read the comments as I have used fishpond many times, and have had no hassles, including for re-used books and pre-orders. No,before you ask dirkstar88 I do not work for Fishpond, I have simply have had good service, found a set of DVD's I wanted for a gift at 30% less than I could get them in a retail store.
  • Rating 1/5
    mahaki's Review on Posted on 08/30/2010
    Very Poor Customer Service, Poor Customer Communication
    I Purchased 3 Products on the 8 August 2010, from

    I recieved one purchase....3 weeks after Paying for it !!!

    Today Tuesday 31 August 2010, and I am still WAITING for
    the other 2 Paid Products.

    I wish I could find a NZ COMPANY or ORGANIZATION
    that I could lay charges against

    NO - WAY ...should this sorta thing be ALLOWED to happen....COMPENSATION needs to be addressed here URGENTLY !!!
  • Rating 0/5
    dirkstar88's Review on Posted on 05/02/2010
    dont bother they useless
    i used to shop with fishpond a few years ago., But the last time was at the start of 2009 they're seemed to become very arrogant ,incompantant and not to mentoined expensive.
    The customer service was poor , all i ever got was lip service when all i wanted to do,was get a refund and to cancel my order after waiting 6 weeks on 4 items , with the shipping time promise of 6- 12 days.Then another 2 or 3 weeks to get refunded in full .
    Katarinas review above makes me wonder if she works for them ,as take a look on their site and their prices are millon miles from a bargin. Just as cheap to support your local retailer.Just My 2 cents worth
  • Rating 1/5
    tessnz's Review on Posted on 02/05/2010
    Poor First Impression
    I waited for a month than I recieved an email from them telling me they didn't have it in stock then I would have to wait another couple of weeks for them to source it. I just hope it doesn't take another month to recieve my refund.
  • Rating 0/5
    zaphodity's Review on Posted on 01/26/2010
    I ordered a book from these guys and they said it was shipped on the 12/1/2010 and it's now 27/1/2010 and I STILL haven't recieved my order...I've sent numerous emails asking them for assistance in the matter but I don't get any replys...I've had to go to my bank to try and organise a stop of funds because I can't get any refunds and that didn't work either. !! AVOID FISHPOND LIKE THE PLAUGE !!!
  • Rating 0/5
    Tracy W's Review on Posted on 12/21/2009
    Not reliable
    I've used fishpond several times in the past with success, but I'm very disappointed now. I ordered some books for my relatives for Christmas in plenty of time according to the shipping times on their website. On 18 December I logged on to check progress and discovered that they had not been able to ship two of the books, they had not emailed me about this. I sent off an enquiry through their website and got back on Monday a perfunctionary apology and a suggestion that I could cancel the order - rather late now isn't it?
    They clearly feel that they have no responsibility for providing accurate information about books or delivering to order. Luckily the relative I had ordered this for is not going to feel slighted, but I can't trust them in the future, which is a hassle.
  • Rating 5/5
    Katarina's Review on Posted on 08/29/2008
    Online bookstore
    Excellent online shopping website, buy books, music and movies online, with discounts and bargains.

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